Terms & Conditions



What We're Doing to Keep You Safe

As the governor allows, we're going to be slowly getting you back out to playing out on the fields. 


A few Procedures that we will enforce are:


1) Players and Staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times (yes, even while playing). We’ve had 100% compliance with this so far.

2) We will be providing face coverings to teams on the first week of play instead of shirts.

3) All players must sign online waivers and we will be taking pre-game attendance to help with any possible contact tracing.

4) All players and staff must pass screening questions prior to playing or working

5) We will have a sanitation station with sanitizer and wipes at all leagues.

6) All players must go to the sanitation station and sanitize their hands prior to playing.

7) We will have sanitation protocols for events.










3 - DO YOU HAVE ANY COVID-19 OR FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS IN THE LAST 24HRS? (dry cough, fever, chest pain, runny nose, loss of taste and/or smell?







HTX Sports Creek Participation Waiver


For and in consideration for my participation in a Sports Creek league (hereinafter the LEAGUE). I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, insurers, successors and administrators assume any and all risks associated with my participation in the LEAGUE including any and all events and activities staged by this organization, Sports Creek, and unconditionally and voluntarily release and waive any all rights and claims that I may now or in the future, have against Sports Creek, and their respective subsidiaries agents, employees, directors, officers, representatives, contractors, sponsors, affiliates, successors and assigns, (collectively, the RELEASED PARTIES) arising out of my participation in the LEAGUE, Sports Creek and/or any related activities (such as activities staged and/or sanctioned by the LEAGUE, Sports Creek) (collectively, the EVENTS). I hereby fully release and discharge the RELEASED PARTIES from any and all claims from injuries, death, damage or loss which I may have or which may accrue to me from my participation in the LEAGUE or EVENTS, even though such claims may arise out of the partial or sole negligence, carelessness or other conduct on the part of the RELEASED PARTIES. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend the released parties from any and all claims, damages, liabilities and/or costs (including attorney fees) arising out of, connected with or in any way associated with my participation in the LEAGUE or EVENTS. I agree that my duty to defend and indemnify and hold harmless the RELEASED PARTIES applies whether or not the liability, claims, demands, suits, or other actions are based in whole or in part on the sole or partial negligence (of any degree), strict liability, or other fault or alleged wrongdoing of the RELEASED PARTIES. I acknowledge that the RELEASED PARTIES are not responsible for any inclement weather which may affect the EVENTS and release and waive all claims against the RELEASED PARTIES for damage, liabilities or loss that may arise there from. This Document is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law, and if any portion is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. This document embodies the entire agreement with respect to these matters and supersedes any previous or contemporaneous negotiations or agreements. Each of the undersigned agrees that no promise or inducement has been offered except as herein set forth, and that this document has not been executed based upon statements or representations by any person or entity other that those set forth herein. I have been advised to contact an attorney prior to execution hereof. This document shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Texas without regard to conflicts of law principles therein.



Team Payment Policy



There are two main ways teams can sign-up and pay for a league, however, the Captain is always responsible for payment of the League Fee and Team Balance.  In both cases, the deposit will be lost if you cancel your team within 10 days before the start of the league. If your team cancels after Week 1 of a season, additional fees will apply.


Register and Deposit 

Upon registration, the Captain will be required to submit payment information, which will be charged the league's deposit upon Confirmation in the league.  The deposit varies depending on the sport/location.  The card used for this deposit will NOT be charged again by Sports Creek unless there is a remaining balance after your first game.


Register and Confirm 

Occasionally, with very popular leagues, captains will need to wait for a Sports Creek representative to Confirm their place in a league before the Captain is required to submit the deposit.  Once the spot is Offered, and the deposit is paid, the team is Confirmed for the league.





Payment Timeline

Once your team deposit has been secured, you have from that point until the day after your team's first game to pay your Team Balance.  The most common ways to pay off your Team Balance are:

  •  Send TeamPayer requests to your other teammates and have them each pay what you determine their portion of the team fee. As each player pays, your team balance will be reduced.
  •  Collect money manually from your team and then pay the balance off through your Captain's Page online at any time before Week 1.
  •  Have your company mail a check to the corporate office.

If a balance still exists the day after your first game, then the Captain's card on file will be automatically charged for the remainder of the team balance. If this card declines, late fees may apply and a team may be removed from the full season schedule.




Sports Creek DOES NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OR CASH for league fees at the games. In special circumstances, company checks can be mailed to the office.

Sending a “TeamPayer REQUEST” to a teammate on your roster is never the same as paying your team fee. If your players do not pay off the requests you have sent them, then you are still responsible for that portion of the team fee at the end of the week #1 game.

Sports Creek will NEVER track down your teammates to pay off your team balance.  You choose them as teammates…  choose wisely.

Teams canceling after Week 1 of the season will lose the deposit plus the pro-rated fee of Week 1 games.  Teams canceling after Week 3 of a season will not receive any refund.


Late Payments

If any league payment has not been finalized by Week 2 (including cards that have expired or failed to process for any reason), a late fee of $25 will be added to the total League Fee amount.  League Fees should still be paid ONLINE, even if late, from your Captain or Player Page.


Really Late Payments = NO PLAY Status

If league payment has not been finalized before your Week 3 game, you and your team will be placed in NO PLAY STATUS and will not be allowed on the field to play - plain and simple - no exceptions.  Please do not let this happen as it will hurt your team, and possibly other teams if we are not able to find a game for them on short notice.  League fees should still be paid ONLINE, even if late, from your Captain or Player Page.



Captains should also be familiar with the following portion of the Sports Creek Payment Policy regarding League Fee Payments: 



If you have been added to a league after it has already started, you have one full week (1 game) to pay the League Fee.  So if your team was added to a league in time for the Week 2 game, you will have until the Week 3 game to pay online.  In nearly all instances, a team starting the season late will pay a pro-rated League Fee - however, Late Add Fees are handled on a case by case basis.  Please contact the Sports Creek League Office if you have been added late and are unsure of your League Fee.   





Before The Season

If a team that has Confirmed their spot in a league then Cancels within 10 calendar days of the start of a season, the Captain will lose the deposit.  If a team fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice to a Sports Creek Representative (see Game Forfeit Policy below), Sports Creek reserves the right to replace that team and charge the non-refundable cancellation fee.  Simply not showing up is not a valid means of notification.


During The Season

We understand that sometimes a team cannot complete a season because of circumstances beyond their control (injuries, accidents, illnesses, or worse).  Conversely, sometimes (unfortunately) our league experience just doesn't agree with a team. 

  •  Any team that plays through Week 2 and cancels before the Week 3 game, will be charged the team deposit plus a pro-rated fee for the games played.
  •  Any team that plays Week 3 or after, and would like to cancel, will be charged the full League Fee.
  •  Teams that play a double header in their first week of play may have a different pro-rated fee. 
  •  Playoff weeks do NOT factor into pro-rated fees since it is never a guarantee that a team makes the playoffs.





Schedule Requests and Game Changes

If your team knows of a Schedule Request (games after 7pm, a specific week bye or game time, etc) prior to the Full Season Schedule posting, captains can put in schedule requests through your "Manage Team" panel, you can purchase a single date request for $10. Our Scheduler does their best to accommodate as many requests as possible, however their are instances in which a request cannot be granted. 


Once the Full Season Schedule is posted, and your team needs a game changed for any reason, send your request to k.lovell@htxsportscreek.com. A Game Change affects more than just your team, and will take some time to accommodate, if possible.  A Game Change Fee of $50 will be added to your Team Balance for any game changes accommodated. 


Forfeit Fee and Policy

If a team does not show up to a scheduled Pickleball, or Volleyball game, AND the team has not informed Sports Creek League Manager by 1pm on game day (or 1pm on Friday for weekend games), AND a replacement game cannot be found for the opposing team, that team will forfeit the game and be liable for a $25 Forfeit Fee.


We do not enjoy charging this fee, but forfeits are even worse for the team that showed and didn't get a game!

  •  If a team has more than the required amount of players, but less than the legal amount (correct gender requirements) and a game can still be played, it will still go down as a forfeit, but the team will not be charged the Forfeit Fee.


Soccer forfeit fees are posted on each of the league rules and more information page 


Roster Cap Fee

Roster Cap and required gender ratios information can be found on our Build Your Roster! Page.  Roster sizes vary from sport to sport, and Sports Creek suggests that teams have at least one sub of each gender.  An extra couple members means more players, more fun, and more security if something unexpected comes up.  Build a full team roster for all players to be eligible for playoffs and to eliminate the chance of any forfeits due to too few players. 


If your team needs to exceed the Roster Cap for your sport, you can purchase additional roster slots for $20 per person above the cap. You can assign these additional players TeamPayer fees once added. Check out more information how to add additional roster slots





As a team Captain, you are ultimately responsible for two main things:


your team's attendance to games, and

  • the prompt and timely payment of your Team Balance.


Other members of your team can call the Sports Creek Office to notify of a forfeit with the required notice (1pm on game day or 1pm for weekend games), and with TeamPayer, they can pay their own way for their portion of the Team Balance. 


However, if at any point a few individuals or the team at large stray from our established policies, the personal and financial burden will fall squarely on YOUR shoulders. It will be YOUR credit card on file that is charged if your team no shows to a game or if the Team Balance for the league is not paid in full in the allowed time period, and it is therefore in your own best interest to keep your team responsible and running smoothly. We have created the RSVP Tool and the TeamPayer tools to help you with these responsibilities.  It may not always be your fault if problems arise, but if you are unwilling to accept the consequences when they do, then please consider having someone else as the Captain, or signing up as an Individual.



Sports Creek does not accept checks at the games. However, we appreciate that many teams have Corporate or Sponsor checks that form part of their Team Balance, and that some teams may still prefer this method of payment.  Please mail corporate checks to Sports Creek as soon as possible following your team's Confirmation into the league.  


Checks MUST be received by the start of the league (in time for processing), or the stored card on file (from registration) may be charged after Week 1.  Send checks to the address below, and note the Team and League to which it is related.


Send any corporate checks to our office address:

          Sports Creek Beverages LLC

          Attn: Accounting

          2619 Polk St.

          Houston, TX 77003


Bounced Check Fee

Any check sent to the Sports Creek Office that bounces will result in an additional $25 fee to the Team Balance.  



Sports Creek does not accept cash for payment of League Fees.



Please feel free to contact Sports Creek with any questions at (281) 948-4298.


Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.




Individual Payment Policy

How Individual Payment Works

Individuals must complete 2 steps in order to play in a league, Sign-Up and Confirmation:

Sign-Up: Player Submits Personal Info, Preferences  and CREDIT CARD
Player chooses a league, and submits personal info (contact, skill level, etc). The player also submits their credit card info to reserve the spot (it is not charged until a spot is confirmed). The player will receive an auto reply to acknowledge that we received the sign-up request, but NOT to confirm the placement.


Confirmation: Player Pays Individual League Fee Online to Confirm Spot
If a spot is available in the player's league of choice, Sports Creek will offer them that spot via email. Clicking on the confirmation link in this email will take the player to their online Individual League Fee Payment Form. Once payment is received, the player is officially confirmed for a spot in the league and will be provided with further league and team info, including their other teammates contact info, for the upcoming season.


NOTE: An Individual is not confirmed into a league until an Individual League Fee Payment is received. Failure to confirm and pay the Individual League Fee promptly (particularly in cases where the season start is close) may result in losing a spot in the league to another player. Sports Creek reserves the right to offer a placement to another player in the event that an individual spot goes unconfirmed or unpaid for 4 or more business days from the time it was offered via email by the Sports Creek office.


Late Adds

If you have been added to a league after it has already started, you will be sent a confirmation email with a payment link (described above) as soon as possible. You will have no more than 5 business days to submit payment online once this email has been sent.


Cancellations Before The Season

Any cancellations made by confirmed Individual Players less than 10 business days before the start of a season will result in a non-refundable $20 Cancellation Fee, with no exceptions. The balance of the Individual League Fee, minus this $20 Cancellation Fee, will be credited back to the card that was used for League Fee confirmation payment.

If an individual fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice to an Sports Creek representative, Sports Creek reserves the right to replace that player and charge the non-refundable $20 Cancellation fee. Simply not showing up is not a valid means of notification.


Cancellations During The Season

We understand that sometimes an individual cannot complete a season because of circumstances beyond their control (injuries, accidents, illnesses). Conversely, sometimes (unfortunately) our league experience just doesn’t agree with an individual. Any individual that plays week 1 and cancels immediately afterward will be charged only the Individual Cancelation Fee of $20 described above. Individuals canceling after week 2 will not receive any refund.

Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.